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With 30 years of wastewater treatment experience, and ten years utilizing membrane technology, Envirotect can be trusted to make treating wastewater simple for our clients. Envirotect follows the Design-Build-Operate model that provides all the services necessary to start and complete your project. And, with the flexibility to retrofit any application, Envirotect promises maximum cost savings for any project.

Design & Construction Of Water & Waste Water Treatment Plants
SCADA / Offsite Monitoring Membrane BioReactors Organics to Energy
Anaerobic Digesters Phosphorus Removal Brine Water Systems
Landfill Leachates EPA Negotiations & Permitting Engineering


Envirotect offers tank treatment systems and storage solutions from

WeDoTanks.com® specializes in the development and design of Wastewater treatment plants and septage treatment plant design systems that utilize precast concerte tanks and components. All Clients who have utilized the WeDoTanks.com® precast concrete tanks, potable water tanks, sewage holding tanks, or wastewater treatment plant designs have expressed appreciation and satisfaction with the product and the custom WWTP design systems, equalization tanks, precast tanks, WWTP project management and wastewater treatment plant designs that have been developed for each client.
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Oil & Gas waste water concrete storage tanks

Envirotect offers concrete storage tanks designed for the oil & gas industry. Specific tank uses include:
Blow Back Storage
Brine Water Treatment Storage and Disposal
Fresh Water Storage
Solids Removal
Oil Gas Fracking Blow back storage Waste water concrete tank

FracStor-A is a low cost alternative to brine water storage featuring fast installation. Wall panels & liner are completely reusable at another locations.


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Addressing the concerns:

Membrane fouling – Bad biology, bad air scourer and debris are the causes for membrane fouling. Envirotect has successfully dealt with these concerns for ten years.
High capital cost – With the MBR system at the cost of a conventional system, high price is no longer a concern when you choose Envirotect.

Envirotect NewTerra MicroClear MBR

Design / Permitting / Equipment / Installation

The MBR system employs submerged membranes. The system is designed to be the simplest, easiest-to-operate, and most operator-friendly flat plate ultrafiltration (UF) membrane technology available. The system produces ultra-clean water which effectively meets any current and future waste water standards for discharge and reuse.

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SassPro V2 - Waste Water Treatment Plant Design Simulator

SASSPro V2 is the latest release of the popular SASSPro series, used by leading engineering firms, municipal authorities, environmental agencies and training organizations. SASSPro V2′s design, ease of use and low cost sets a new benchmark in wastewater process software.
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Buffalo Hills Resort

Membrane Bioreactor Waste Water Treatment Plant - Installation Update

Located near Seneca Lake, in Senecaville, Ohio, at 360 acres, Buffalo Hills Resort is one of Ohio's largest campgrounds. After a major renovation to the campground, the new owner, Mr. Joe Detweiler, was committed to installing a system that would provide the highest quality of effluent available. The plans to install a convention Waste Water Treatment Plant were also upgraded after considering all of the benefits of the a Membrane Bioreactor System, including the pre-constructed system, its compact footprint, and ease of operation.

Envirotect re-submitted an outdated PTI and completed the install in the spring of 2013. Membrane Bioreactor technology is used in a wide range of wastewater treatment applications. Membrane Bioreactors combine conventional activated sludge (CAS) treatment with a membrane liquid-solid separation process. MBR systems utilize specialized membranes – making them suitable for a wide range of treatment applications, including: Sewage, Gray water & Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants.

Envirotect Buffalo Hills Resort Membrane Bioreactor Waste Water Treatment
CBOD650 PPM< 2.0 PPM
TSS200 PPM< 2.0 PPM

This plant requires little or no attention, if there is a concern we are notified by text or e-mail. The SCADA system installed by Envirotect allows for total control of the plant via a cell phone, tablet, or a PC at home. The plant has operated as designed and has built in room for expansion.

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Membrane Bioreactor Waste Water Treatment Plant - Installation Update

Keim Lumber Company's aim of being a one-stop building material, custom millwork, home center, and woodshop supply has contributed to their becoming one of the leading independent hardware stores in the state of Ohio. Located in Ohio's Amish Country, Keim Lumber houses an award winning 120,000 square foot showroom.

The Keim Lumber Company’s dedication to the environment includes a relationship with Envirotect that has resulted in the installation of a FII flat plate submerged membrane.

To meet the increasingly stringent regulations, and ensure that the effluent from the WWTP discharge was of the highest quality available, the existing conventional treatment system was replaced. HIGH STRENGTH AMMONIA – with influent ammonia levels as high as 300 ppm, the MBR was a perfect fit. At the same cost of a conventional bid, and using only 50% of the space, Keim Lumber decided to move forward and Envirotect submitted a PTI application.

The install was an EPA approved design build that utilized all the existing in-ground FRP tanks. Capital costs were minimized and the construction and start-up was completed within two weeks.

Since start-up, with a maximum flow of 10,000 gpd, the MBR has consistently removed all organics and suspended solids; including the high concentration of ammonia.

Envirotect Keim Lumber Membrane Bioreactor Waste Water Treatment
PLANT PERFORMANCE - One Year of Operation
CBOD250 PPM< 2.0 PPM
TSS200 PPM< 2.0 PPM

Typically the plant requires little or no attention, if there is a concern we are notified by text or e-mail. The SCADA system installed by Envirotect allows for total control of the plant via a cell phone, tablet, or a PC at home. The plant has operated as designed and has eliminated any concerns that Keim Lumber had previously experienced with the conventional system that was in place.

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