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FII Flat Plate Submerged Membrane
Keim Lumber, Charm OH

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Keim Lumber Company - FII Flat Plate Submerged Membrane

Charm, OH

Keim Lumber Company's aim of being a one-stop building material, custom millwork, home center, and woodshop supply has contributed to our becoming one of the leading independent hardware stores in the state of Ohio. Located in Ohio's Amish Country, Keim Lumber houses an award winning 120,000 square foot showroom.

The Keim Lumber Company’s dedication to the environment includes a relationship with Envirotect that has resulted in the installation of a FII flat plate submerged membrane. To meet the increasingly stringent regulations, and ensure that the effluent from the WWTP discharge was of the highest quality available, the existing conventional treatment system was replaced.

The install was an EPA approved design build that utilized all the existing in-ground FRP tanks. Capital costs were minimized and the construction and start-up was completed within two weeks.

Since start-up, the MBR has removed all organics and suspended solids including the high concentration of ammonia.

 Plant InfluentEffluent
BOD250 ppm<2.0 ppm
TSS75 ppm<2.0 ppm
Ammonia150 ppm.01 ppm

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